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The theoretical part of your dissertation might come to an end with the literature review chapter. However, the actual hassle starts when you have to practically conduct research. Thought dissertations were fun right? Taking surveys and interviews will be enough? Well, welcome aboard the research boat. Swim in the deep sea of reproach methodologies to conduct your research work. Always remember that the success of your dissertation depends upon adequate research methodologies. A single mistake in choosing the research methodology has the power to collapse your entire dissertation. This is where many students fail to comply with the compliance of the dissertation. Are you one of those students also affected by the same issue?

Dissertation Firm has got your back to support your academic career. When you have us, you can sit back because we will not fail you or your dissertation. Dissertation Firm has a dynamic team of highly qualified professionals with well-versed skills to research and execute your dissertation. Students on Masters and doctoral levels having issues in understanding their research methodologies come to us for legit dissertation methodology help. It is because of our years of experience in handling any and all challenges coming in the way of your dissertation.

Dissertation Firm understands that many PhD students tend to leave their dissertation in the middle of the process. It is because they are unable to complete their dissertation methodologies either because of the lack of resources or lack of proper knowledge. If you are one of them, we are here to assist you at every step with our professional dissertation methodology help. The sole purpose of most of our professionals working with us is to share their knowledge and experience with distressed students. Here are quick tips for dissertation methodology help that will surely help to clear your doubts about any research methodologies. Dissertation Firm provides you with valuable information on the types of research, followed by the tools of research methodologies. The main types of research methodologies may include:

Types of Research

  • Primary Research:
    The research in which new data is accumulated and collected from research tools is known as primary research. In this research, new data is collected by the researcher.
  • Secondary Research:
    This type of research includes the recollection or reuse of existing literature/researched material for the current dissertation in progress.

Types of Research Methodologies:

  • Qualitative Approach:
    Qualitative research methodology is used to evaluate the intensity and reason for the research problem in question. It helps researchers to acquire answers for their "Whys and How’s?" The approach is used to rectify the situation by evaluating the impact of the research problem.
  • Quantitative Approach:
    Quantitative research methodology uses statistical, mathematical and computational methods to investigate the research problem. The results are often in numbers and can be calculated to evaluate the impact of research problems.
  • Mix-Method Approach:
    Mix-method research methodology is used to collect the data by using both qualitative and quantitative research approaches. The data is collected from statistical and critical evaluation methods. This research methodology enables to examine the effectiveness and impacts of the research problem.

Tools OF Research Methodologies

  • Survey Questionnaire:
    Survey questionnaire includes close-ended or open-ended questions. The participants have to answer the questionnaire so their statistical data can be collected regarding the research problem.
  • Literary Resources:
    Literary resources include books, articles, dissertation, thesis, journals, blogs, websites and statements of published content. These assets are considered effective tools to extract information to integrate into the dissertation.
  • Observation:
    Observation of focus groups is another tool to examine the reactions and actions of individuals over certain stimuli.
  • Interviews:
    Interviews are considered as an effective source of collecting the data directly from relevant persons. Statements collected in an interview tend to serve as solid evidence for dissertations.

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