Top 10 Nursing Dissertation Topics You Can Use

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Top 10 Nursing Dissertation Topics You Can Use

A dissertation is a long paper and it’s a tough job to write one without getting exhausted. Its time consuming and confusing as a lot of factors come into play. As a nursing student, when you find yourself on the verge of your degree and seeking to get through it, the most confusing thing you need to tackle is the selection of topic. You speculate on many ideas and find yourself in the midst of ocean with no help visible. These dissertation are not only a formality or a burden for you, your Nursing Dissertation Help you gain knowledge about a number of practical ideas through research that you could not learn otherwise.

Choosing a topic can be tricky for majority of students. They might get confused between uniqueness of the topic and their own interests. A number of things need to be taken under consideration before actually finalizing the topic. These key factors are:

Feasibility of the Topic:

Before actually finalizing the topic for your nursing dissertation, think about the plausibility of your idea. Are you going to conduct a primary research or a secondary research? Primary researches usually need more attention, time and money to be done efficiently. Will you be able to conduct the research without compromising the standard and methodology? Your topic must be the one that is easy to research for you. Yet, not too easy that there is no room left for your own contribution.

Literature Review:

Literature review is the works of other people who have conducted research on the topic before. You have to refer to them to let the people know about the context. This literature review is essentially the discussion of major works that have been published in the past and how they inspire you to conduct this research. If there is no sufficient data for your literature review, your topic might not be appropriate.

Your Area of Interest:

One of the major factors to write a brilliant nursing dissertation is choosing a topic that you are personally enthusiastic about. Make sure that the topic you choose is what intrigues you in the first place. Choosing a random topic without looking at your own preferences can be devastating. You might lose the motivation during the work or procrastinate.


You don’t have all the life to produce one dissertation. Your department or supervisor is going to give you a limited time to accomplish this task. While choosing a topic, make sure that you have enough resources and time to finish it during the assigned weeks or months.

The advice of your Supervisor:

The last but not the least factor is the advice of your supervisor. The guidance provided by him/her is going to help you in choosing your topic. Discuss the ideas with him and he will guide you about feasibility, time management and literature review of the topic. He might remind you of the earlier tasks that you have accomplished in your academic life and that might help you choosing the best topic.

Topics for your Dissertation:

A well-constructed topic can appeal the reader and make him go through your whole paper. On the other hand if the topic is not interesting the reader might not take interest in reading further as it is not intriguing enough for him. For your assistance in deciding the topic, we are going to discuss 10 interesting topics that you can use for your dissertation in the field of nursing:

1. Mentoring in the nursing: an analysis

New people joining the field of nursing are confused and find it difficult to adjust in the beginning. They have a number of questions in their minds regarding the culture of the organizations and the institution itself. They need proper mentoring by their established colleagues. This mentoring can help them develop their skills and adjust them in the tradition of the field conveniently.

You can conduct a survey among the fresh people who have just entered the field and find it hard to survive and understand. In the end you can recommend a number of solutions to uplift the quality of mentoring and suggest what needs to done to control the situation.

2. Public perception of nursing care and the room for improvement:

In recent times, a number of people have been observed being dissatisfied by the nursing care in hospitals. This can make an interesting topic as you are going to appeal both people and your colleagues. The audience is large and the topic can be useful in reducing the conflicts between public’s perception and the hospital management.

You need to address the lacks in the quality of services and discuss the reasons why public is dissatisfied generally. Your argument can be strengthened by conducting interviews among some patients and conclusively you can state your recommendations.

3. Refusal to eat in elderly people

The refusal to eat in elderly people can lead to malnutrition. The consequences can be severe including a threat for life. It is a mental approach that needs to be addressed. For your dissertation you can conduct interviews among nurses and find out the methods and techniques to overcome the situation.

4. A study evaluating the stress among nurses

The load of work, behavior of patients or unnecessary regulations from the management can lead to a perpetual stress. This stressful condition can be addressed in your dissertation topic by conducting interviews among nurses and their mentors.

5. Challenges for nurses after being absent from the profession for a long time

Coming back to work after a long time can lead to severe stress regardless of gender, age and profession. This can be observed in nurses too. They feel stressed out and face challenges when they re-join the profession after a long time.

6. Mental health among teenage students is being compromised

Teenage students are always prone to stress. They have a lot of work to do including their assignments, exams and homework. This bulk of work can burn them out and affect their mental. Addressing this issue is important and you can use it for your dissertation.

7. A study addressing the problems in current methods of treating psychiatric patients

There are a number of methods that are being used to treat psychiatric patients. All these methods have their own limitations and they have the room for improvement.  Conducting a research on this topic is an exceptional and unique idea.

8. Treating wounds in diabetic diseases

Diabetic patients require special treatments on their wounds and a little carelessness can lead to severe consequences. Addressing the current methods and giving recommendations to improve in the weaker areas is a good idea.

9. The significance of communication between nurses and patients

Nurses are responsible for treating their patients and understanding their circumstances. But sometimes the lack of communication can be disastrous for the patients. The communication level between nurses and their patients’ needs demands to be improved.

10. The condition of anti-polio movements in third world countries

The conditions for anti-polio movements are not helpful in the less developed countries. There is a lot of resistance and people are getting affected from the virus. This is a genuine issue and your study can bring forth some interesting facts about it.

Nursing is a vast field and choosing a topic can be exhausting. These interesting topics can help you get an idea for your dissertation. You can discuss these ideas with your supervisor, colleague or nursing dissertation help experts to use them in a variety of perspectives.

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