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Tips and Tricks to Stay Focused While Writing a Dissertation

Students are required to produce a dissertation at the end of their academic life. No matter what field they are studying in. whether they are going to specialize in literature or nursing, their dissertation is going to decide whether they are getting the degree or not. These dissertations help you learn that extra amount of knowledge that you couldn’t receive from textbooks and classroom lectures. For instance, all the Nursing Dissertation Help the student getting practical knowledge of the discipline through interacting with various people during their research.

Though writing is a part of a student’s entire journey towards the destination. But dissertation with all its complexities and hugeness is the most difficult one among them. Also it is the most important paper you have ever produced and it certainly requires some extra time and attention.

Staying focused is crucial in achieving any great success. Your focus determines the quality of your most important research paper. Therefore, this article serves the purpose of describing a few tricks and techniques you can use to stay focused while writing a dissertation.

How to Stay Focused:

Turn off the Internet:

Research has become easier with technological advancement, as it is only a click away to get to a book and find material. But it has also increased the number of distractions around ourselves. An active internet connection is the most alluring temptation for students. With a working Wi-Fi, your browser is a mini world and you can get to anywhere you want. This is a temptation you can’t afford to keep on while writing a dissertation. Most of the students would admit that while internet helps them in their research purposes, it also distracting and flashier. Therefore, while writing a dissertation, turning off your internet is an option that can help you remain focused on your writing process. Gather all the data from internet and save it before starting to write. In this way, you will not have to open your browser for everything.

Switch off your Smartphones:

Dissertation writing is an important activity. The quality of your writing depends on the level of focus you achieved during the process. Your smartphones are another distraction that can lead your focus away from what you should be concentrating on. An unnecessary call from your friend or relative, frequent notifications popping out with a ring, a text message from a friend with an invitation to a pizza party, all these things can be a major distraction. Therefore, it is recommended to switch off your phone while writing your dissertation. If you cannot switch it off for some reason, at least keep it distant from your reach so that you are not faced with frequent ringing and tempting invitations every now and then.

Social Media is a Distraction:

Social networking sites are an amazing platform to discuss and learn new things. While masses use it for entertainment purpose, for most educated people, it serves as a place where they can interact with other people of their field and learn a lot. But when you are writing a dissertation, these social networking sites are nothing more than a distraction. Your twitter, Facebook, instagram etc. are mere temptations that will lead you away from your cause and will lure yourself into the compendium worlds of their own. Hence, keeping yourself away from social media is a trick you can use to achieve focus and get greater productivity during the process of writing.

Find yourself a quiet place:

While we have a lot of temptations in our digital world. Some of them, and the most prominent ones as well, are around ourselves physically. Choosing your living room or dining table for writing a dissertation can never be a good idea. Even your bedroom or study room can be sometimes not ideal if you have noise in your house or in your neighborhood. On the contrary, choosing a quiet place like a library or a corner in a nearby park can be helpful. It can prove to be an intelligent way of staying focused and you writing process can become smoother.

Writing in the most productive hours of your day:

There are times in everyday when you don’t feel enthusiastic about anything. Your energy level is down and your productivity is at the very least. You prefer to procrastinate over doing anything. Writing your dissertation in those hours can be devastating. It can lead you to think that you are not good enough to write and further into demotivation.

Your concentration level in those hours of the day is at the bottom. Instead, try to identify the hours when you are most productive. These hours are the best for doing anything and you can focus on whatever you do during these hours. Writing your dissertation during these hours can bring positive outcomes and you can concentrate better on the activity.

Continuous Writing:

One key aspect to remain focused on your writing is keeping yourself engaged in writing. When you sit on the chair and start writing your dissertation that should be the moment your connection with outer world ends. Do not listen to your siblings or other family members. Do not pay attention to your phone, do not go to washroom or take a drink, and do not bother about what is happening outside your room. When you stick yourself to the chair, your concentration level increases and the writing process become swift.

Understand your span of concentration:

Every person has a particular span of time for which he/she can concentrate on something. You must have your own as well. After that span, you start to lose your focus and your mind is not able to think about the thing you are doing. It means you need a short break or one or two minutes here. If you keep working without these short breaks, you are doing nothing except burning yourself out. Understand what is the maximum period of time you are able to focus and follow it for greater productivity.

Multitasking does not work:

People are always proud when they tell others how good they are at multitasking. They call it an additional quality. But believe me, multitasking while writing your dissertation can be dangerous. Scientific studies show that our minds can only perform one job at a time effectively. Trying to finish more than one task at the same time means you are going to compromise on the quality of the job done. The impacts of doing anything else along with writing dissertation can be adversary as you will not be able to focus effectively.

Go with the Flow:

Another technique to increase your concentration when writing a dissertation is what psychologists call “flow”. It means being one with the task you are doing currently. When you are writing and feel yourself fully engaged with the activity, this is the time when you are at your best. We often find time passing speedily when we are having fun. This is the same phenomenon and losing yourself into the job is the best technique you can use to achieve a great concentration level.

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