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The Top Most Common Types Of Dissertation Writing

What is a dissertation?

A dissertation is a type of a coursework that is written by students in their post graduate or graduate degree. This type of a coursework is usually written towards the end of a degree. It is the longest form of a course work and requires a lot of research to be written. There are many different segments that combine together to form a dissertation such as the dissertation proposal that is sent before you start writing your dissertation. Once your dissertation proposal is approved you are asked to write the complete dissertation. You start your dissertation with the abstract and follow it up with the remaining of the segments including the data analysis and other parts such as literature review and methodology. Writing a dissertation is a complicated process as there are many dimensions to cater to.  A dissertation can be written in different ways, here are the types of dissertations you can write:

Types Of Dissertations

There are two most prominent dissertation types:

Empirical dissertation

An empirical dissertation is the type of dissertation that is focused on doing extensive research. This type of a dissertation requires you to do a research that is done on a small scale. For the research you have to plan the entire process which includes conducting then research study, gathering all the data, and then analyzing to identify any trends. After you deduce the results you have to present them in a proper way and make sure all grounds are covered.

Here are the stages of an Empirical Study:

  1. Identification of the topic of research after viewing the scope of your research.
  2. Formulate your research question, to do that you will have to do the following:
  3. Look up the topic online and on other mediums to gather information whether the topics is already researched on before and what dimensions are covered in it.
  4. Gather your own personal observations regarding all the research conducted.
  5. Relate the research to your own topic.
  6. Discuss the topic with all those related for example your dissertation supervisor and fellow classmates.
  7. Deeply understand what type of research your research question demands. There are many ways you can conduct a research but what is the best way that will fit your research the best.
  8. To be able to do this you can look up different research methodologies and learn the dynamic of each one to be able to decide the best.
  9. There are certain research methods that are not possible regarding to the research question you pose, so make sure the question you have proposed is in compatibility to the research method.
  10. The first thing you need to write is the research proposal. Write a proper research proposal concerning the research methods you have chosen.
  11. For your research you need to decide where you are going to conduct your research and what sample of people will you select.
  12. Whenever you conduct a research you have to have an alternate to it for worst case scenarios. If you don’t get permission for a particular place you must decide on another place beforehand to avoid getting panicky at the last moment.
  13. Take the permission from different groups and the place you want to conduct your research at.
  14. Think of all the research tools that you need and will be using. Test them out.
  15. Perfect your research tools with the help of trial and error.
  16. Get the results from your research and review them keeping in mind all the previous researches conducted on the topic.
  17. Keep a diary of your research so that you can record all the trends and changes. This will help you focus on all the technicalities and restrains of the research.
  18. Now since you have completed all the research it is time to incorporate your research into your dissertation.

Library Based Dissertation

This type of dissertation focuses on the idea of taking other people’s researched work and closely studying it. In this type of a dissertation you do not conduct the research in your own and will only be using the research already available and conducted by different other people. The data used should be very reliable and related to the work you are using it for. Though you still have to formulate research questions. You can review the content and monitor all the details. Things you can focus on are the research methods used by the researchers, their strengths and weaknesses. You can even evaluate the validity of the different aspects of the research such as the sample used, place of research or other aspects. This analysis will be based on your own professional experience or knowledge.

Here are the stages of a library based study:

  1. Choose the research topic you will be using. Make sure that it falls under the scope of the project.
  2. Write out the tittle for your research question. After that you need to write the research question so that you have a specific domain decided.
  3. Note down all the questions or key points you are hoping to cover in the research. This can only be done if you have expansive knowledge on the topic. Thus, it is important that you read the material available related to the topic.
  4. The next thing you must do is to map out a research proposal that you will be sending to your supervisors.
  5. Now look up all the evidence and get ready to review it.
  6. Set up a criteria that will help you analyze the material.
  7. Conduct a literature review of all the material you have reviewed.
  8. Summarize your analysis, it must include the analysis of statistical data along with the review of all the evidence.
  9. The next thing you need to do is talk about the how your research question is related to the research under your scrutiny.
  10. Whenever you conduct a library based dissertation you have to finish the dissertation by giving suggestion as to how you can make further betterment to the study or how it is good for the world.

Dissertations are not easy they have a lot of complications and need to be done with extreme skill and precision. Many students lack the skills of achieving the level of perfection. These students often suffer their lacking and loose their grades. For all those students who struggle with this, there are many dissertation help services available on the internet who can provide you with the best help for your complete dissertation. These services can also be broken into different segments and you can get targeted help. They have perfected the art of Dissertation Writing and can help sharpen your skills. Do not jeopardize your results and learn the technicalities of dissertation writing to be able to do it on your own in the future. Look for the best service available and don’t just settle for anyone. Make sure that it is authentic and is not charging you a lot of money.

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