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Before you start working on a dissertation, you need to write a decent dissertation proposal. Writing dissertation proposal in a way that is unique and different from others is essential. It lays down the path for your research that should help you devise a rigid plan for your final assignment: that is dissertation. Dissertation proposals continue reading
Before you head on to conduct your research for your dissertation assignment, it is important to know your methods and approach. Even important is to write the methodology in your dissertation assignment. Methodology are not only the tools and approaches you take to conduct your dissertation research, but it is also the rationale and reasons continue reading
Writing a dissertation is kind of like writing any other article in the way that the author has quite a bit of freedom in deciding its structure. Although it may seem reasonable to rely on established structures, you need to keep in mind that in writing dissertations, having even some flexibility can make the difference continue reading
References are important part of your dissertation research. It lays out the sources and references of the work you quoted of other academics in your research. It helps reader or your teacher (if you are submitting a dissertation assignment) with the tool to identity and verify the information you jotted down in your research. If continue reading
You are sitting at your desk, with your laptop in front, playing a round of Solitaire. You look around and see stacks of books and notes all over your desk, and pens, pencils and other writing instruments are strewn about. You glance at the clock, and it shows its way past midnight. There is an continue reading
For any student, there would be nothing scarier than missing the deadline for submitting their dissertation. Aside from the penalties incurred by way of reduced marks and increased scrutiny, the poor impression made on the professors would be a hard mark to scrub off. For any student wanting to make a good first impression, this continue reading
As soon as the word "dissertation" reaches the years of most college students, a marked silence can be observed in the room. Not only is the room silent enough to hear a pin drop, but the silence is also increasingly disturbed by the collective rise of heartbeats in unison. Having a dissertation in your to-do continue reading