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Know all about Dissertation Editing Services in the UK

Writing a dissertation can be a formidable task. Though writing in general is an activity that students have to do throughout their academic lives. But dissertation is the pinnacle of this activity as you are going to complete your masters or PhD by accomplishing this job. Millions of students complete their degrees every year across the globe in various disciplines. These students are often working college students and writing their dissertation is time consuming and daunting for them. And even those who are able to write their dissertations do not have time to edit it within the deadline. Here is when dissertation writing services come into the play.

Editing your dissertation is important as you have to go through the whole text and find out errors and weak points. You need to be careful as human beings are prone to mistakes and you might have made numerous of them in your paper as well. Dissertation Editing Services offer their services for the students who cannot edit their research papers. These students are either not confident enough in their editing abilities or the reason is the lack of time. Experts are hired by these services for this job and they edit and proofread the manuscripts.

In UK alone, thousands of students hire these services for the purpose of editing and proofreading. According to a research, more than fifty percent students rely on dissertation editing services because they are busy in their workplace routine and the scarcity of time does not allow them to complete the task all alone. Therefore, if you wonder what these dissertation services are or what kind of services they provide, this article is going to help you understand various aspects of this growing industry. If you intend to use one of these online editing services in the future, this article is a must read for you.

How dissertation Editing Services work:

The first question that might come into your mind is that how these editing services work. What is the procedure and how can you place an order to get your work done. Well it’s pretty simple. A number of dissertation services are currently working in the United Kingdom. These companies offer their services through internet. You can go to the search bar in your browser and find hundreds of them, if not thousands. Choose one of them that you seems to you the best and open its website. After going to their website you will be asked to login or signup. Provide your basic information and then you can place an order. You will have to choose your writer yourself according to your needs and preferences. Sometimes, you will need to talk to their call center representative to give details and bargain on the charges and discount offers.

After your work is done, they will deliver you a copy of it for review. You can apply for revisions or re-editing as well if you identify any mistakes etc.

Are these Services Legal / Ethical?

One of the questions that has been a central point of debate among academia is if the dissertation editing services are legal / ethical. As far as the legality of these companies is concerned, they are definitely legal and legitimate. There cannot be any kind of ban on these sites as it involves the plain fact of purchasing a written paper which is in no way a crime. Legislators know the fact that the criminalization of editing or writing dissertation is impossible.

But here the actual question should be about the ethical judgment of the activity. Is it cheating or not? The answer is no. university professors and the system usually blames students for their laziness and procrastination. But has somebody ever talked about how much they have to do during their academic life. The burden of work is getting heavier day by day but the realization of the fact will only turn around the tables and shift the blame on someone else’s shoulders.

Dissertation editing services provide model papers to the students to see what kind of work they have to do. If someone simply transfers that model paper as an actual one to the instructor without re-writing it, the blame is all on the students. These model papers are actually helpful in fostering the writing skills of many students.

The professors cannot usually digest the fact that the dissertation or assignment given to a student was written or even edited by someone else. And they are right as well. Imagine yourself in their position and see what you would think. Getting your whole assignments written by these services is simply cheating and no sane person can advocate that. However, teachers need to understand the circumstances and allow students to buy model papers or get their dissertations edited at least. Considering the fact that the majority of these students have their jobs and offices as well.

How to pick the right Service in UK:

Choosing the right editing services is crucial as your career depends on your dissertation. Don’t forget to check these basic characteristics before placing your order for a dissertation editing.

  1. Look at the reviews on various platforms about the services and their writers. Don’t rely on the website’s own testimonials as they might be uploaded by the owners themselves.
  2. Ask other people about their reputation and look for the people who have worked with them in the past.
  3. Make sure that the writers have appropriate academic qualifications. A PhD degree holder in relevant field would be the best option.
  4. Ask them if the content will be plagiarism free or not. Tell them it’s required to check the authenticity of the paper by using a genuine plagiarism detecting software.
  5. See if they will allow you to apply for re-editing and reviews and how many reviews are allowed for one dissertation.
  6. Check the rates they are asking you to pay per word. Look for various services to see if you are not being looted. It’s a myth that all good writers charge very high. A number of good writers work at reasonable prices in UK nowadays.
  7. See if the writers are able to cite the sources and create bibliography according to the instructions issued by your instructor. As they will be responsible to check the sources and mistakes in citation format as well.


Dissertation editing is becoming one of the largest online industries in academics. In recent years, UK has been the center of these companies who are working all over the world through internet. The popularity of these services has increased among the students as well for various reasons. Despite all the confusions about the legality and ethical standings, dissertation editing services are being common day after day as the lives are becoming hectic and frenzied. The benefits of these services are numerous as you get your dissertations improved and the quality also increases by the reviews and proofreading of the experts. These experts have a mastery over the art of writing and tons of experience to work efficiently with a great pace.

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