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How to Write a Methodology for a Dissertation?

Before you head on to conduct your research for your dissertation assignment, it is important to know your methods and approach. Even important is to write the methodology in your dissertation assignment. Methodology are not only the tools and approaches you take to conduct your dissertation research, but it is also the rationale and reasons behind your conduction. It should contain what type of research you conducted, how you selected your data or how you collected your data, and the process behind your analysis.

Creating a well put and precise methodology is not a piece of cake. A good methodology will provide your dissertation with a credible light. So, it is important to know the ins and outs of writing a clear and precise methodology of your dissertation paper. To know how to write the perfect Dissertation Methodology, follow the steps below.

Point out the problem:

The methodology section of your dissertation assignment usually follows the literature review section. So, pointing out the problem you will be addressing in your dissertation assignment is your go-to thing. Start with identifying the problems and questions you seek to answer in your dissertation research. Pointing out the main question is the best way to start your methodology and it will provide the reader or your teacher with a clear understanding, as to what your dissertation seems to unravel.

Explain your Approach:

When conducting a dissertation assignment/research, it is important to select an approach for your findings. Usually there are two types of approach used in research: Quantitative approach and Qualitative approach.

Quantitative approach usually contains surveys. Surveys are best for ranking, measuring, categorizing, identifying patterns and making generalizations.

Qualitative approach are mostly interviews. They are best for describing, interpreting, contextualizing, and acquiring in depth study of specific concepts or event.

You should lay down a clear and precise information on the ways and approaches you are going to take, so that the reader or your teacher can know how you did it, and if they want they could implement the approaches themselves while conducting their research. Your approach should be so clear that your readers know the thought behind it.

Thought behind it:

A good written methodology is not only the approaches and methods, but also the thought behind your methods and approaches. Your methodology section should clearly explain the reasons for your selection of your methods and it should explain why you believe it to be the best available method. Your methodology should also cater to the question you are trying to answer or the approach you are trying to take.


You need to justify the reason you chose for selecting the methods of your dissertation assignment. You need to provide some solid reasons for the different approaches you are taking or you have taken in your dissertation research.


When you started your dissertation research, you probably did a lot of research on the methods and understanding of your topic. Doing so, you might find resemblance in the research methods of your dissertation approach to the ones you find online. The adoption of those methodologies may increase the precedence of your dissertation research or assignment.


Due to the bombardment of information on internet, it is hard to distinguish what is true and what is not. When conducting a research or citing information, it is essential to verify the information you are going to use in your dissertation writing. A good methodology must contain accurate and factual information with verifiable sources.

Approaches not taken:

Another essential thing to put into your methodology section is the approaches or methods you didn’t take. While it is essential to mention the methods you are going to take or you have taken, it is equally more important to let your readers or your teacher know about the other alternatives you didn’t take. You should provide them with details as to why you didn’t opt for those methods. Justify it so that they know the approach you took is the best available approach for your subject to work for.

Cite sources:

Citing is another great way to strengthen the methodology section of your dissertation assignment. You can reference the existing research practice to ensure your readers or teacher that the methodology you are opting and working on is already established for doing research on subject like yours. You can also cite different approaches and point out why you chose to pick a certain methodology, and based your entire research on it.

Know your audience:

You should know your audience. Plan and jot down how much information is relevant to your topic. Don’t give or put in irrelevant or unnecessary information. If you are tackling your subject with known methods or approaches, you might not need to explain it in detail. But if you are tackling it with a new approach, one that your audience is not familiar with, you might want to address that in detail, and justify your choices.

Discuss the hindrances:

It is only natural that you will experience some difficulties when conducting a research. A dissertation research is not easy. Mistakes will be made and obstacles will arrive. In your methodology, it is advisable to mention the hindrances and obstacles you faced. You should point out the solutions as to how you managed to deal with them. Doing that will provide your readers and teacher with an understanding of what type of problems you faced while conducting your dissertation assignment and what measures you took to overcome those problems.

In summary, the methodology section of your dissertation paper is an important section that need to be written in a very precise and clear manner. Writing a clear methodology will demonstrates your capability as a researcher. It will help others realize that how critically you have constructed your research from the information you collected on the field. A good methodology will also hone your originality, by being innovative and taking different approaches to answer your dissertation’s main question(s). Your methodology section allows you to critically analyze the approach you have taken to conduct your research. You should take care of the articulateness of your presentation of your dissertation to make sure it stands out. Make sure that your findings and conclusions are represented in the best possible way. You need to make sure you follow each of the above steps to ensure the best possible high standard submission of your dissertation paper.

Moreover, your findings and results are not going to be the only driving force of your dissertation assignment, your methodology might impress the scholars and intellectuals. They might follow your methodology in ways you didn’t even imagine. So, making sure of adapting a clear and easy approach to research can be valuable in itself. It makes your approach reproducible.

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