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5 Ways To Make Dissertation Writing Fun

As soon as the word “dissertation” reaches the years of most college students, a marked silence can be observed in the room. Not only is the room silent enough to hear a pin drop, but the silence is also increasingly disturbed by the collective rise of heartbeats in unison. Having a dissertation in your to-do list can be a significant detriment to any student’s health. Being among the most credible and respected academic papers, a dissertation has the ability to make your break your degree. This is particularly the case when a student shows negligence, and tries to get by with a poorly written thesis, or one riddled with errors.

Despite its apparent difficulty, a dissertation shouldn’t make you feel like jumping off a cliff. Academics is all about enhancing your existing intellectual and thinking abilities, and dissertations are merely mediums to help you accomplish precisely that. You should think of them as opportunities for improvement, and instead of loathing them, try dedicating some time to the task. Besides, it doesn’t matter if you need to get a science dissertation done or need Law Dissertation Help, there are online sources designed to give you exactly that. However, the primary objective here is to attempt challenges yourself, and you can look down below to find some ways to spice that up.

Keep a comfortable time, but not too comfortable

When you first start working on your dissertation, the words wouldn’t precisely flow out of your mind unimpeded. The first couple of days working can be an absolute nightmare to manage, and you would quite possibly consider giving up at some point. However, just because that thought lingers in your head, doesn’t mean you can waste time looking for the right moment. 

It is much better to make a schedule to abide by and take things easy for the first few days. To allow your mind to catch up and get up to speed, you need to have a schedule which fits in perfectly with your everyday life and still enable you to spend some time on your dissertation. Although this may vary wildly between person to person, the ideal time to study is dictated by your productivity cycles.

Traditionally, most people are morning workers, in the way that they work in the daylight and sleep at night. However, you may call yourself more of a night owl if you only feel in flow late into the night. If this is the case, try to keep your academic work for the night, but do make sure to account for any jobs or other activities you may already have. What you invest in one place would be taken away from another place, and that may or may not be suitable.

Attend to your hobbies, but get back quick

Although working on your dissertation might take away a large portion of your available time, that doesn’t mean you can postpone your hobbies. Your hobbies and interests are needed to keep you fueled in the long run, and allow your mind to stretch its legs. Keeping yourself confined to your desk, and thinking that this is the best way to work is simply wrong.

For your dissertation to make a dent on your professors and assessors conscience, it needs to show dedication foremost. Everything from the words you pick, to the tone you write in, show the assessor how serious you are about the dissertation. This would be impossible to achieve if you were stressed out, and wrote with jittering hands.

Your hobbies would enable your mind to send the dissertation to the hind parts of your brain, keeping it in a developmental state. The next time you work on your dissertation, you are sure to receive a barrage of new ideas and perspectives, which were formed while you were busy with your hobbies. This is akin to brainstorming, but only this time, the ideas would be highly relevant and directly applicable, causing your dissertation writing process to be significantly simplified.

Be positive, even if you’re an A-

Let’s face it. Writing a dissertation on your own is a challenge even for the brightest of students. Having to provide your own understandings, and the proof to back it up can be a burden, despite any supporting evidence. As you can see, this is more of an emotional response, which needs to be controlled to increase your productive output. Although emotions are completely valid, especially as dissertations are the conclusion of your academic career, the impediment they pose shouldn’t be looked away from.

If you had a clear head from the start, perhaps writing a dissertation wouldn’t be as difficult for you. However, the symptoms can arise later on in the process to boot, making the need for a continuous effort all the more necessary.

Instead of thinking about your dissertation as being a shackle around your wrist, you need to think of it as a Mary Poppins-esque umbrella wanting to take you to new heights. If you think of all obstacles as being harmful, you simply cannot get any work done. Regardless of what your inner voice would be telling you, giving time and effort to your dissertation is only going to benefit you, and wouldn’t put you at a loss in any way.  

Work with a friend, but avoid bantering

If you are a lone wolf who prefers the company of no one, then feel free to gloss over this tip. However, if you tend to work better and more efficiently in the company of a friend, then you’re at liberty to continue.

You might be familiar with study sessions you had as a middle or high schooler with a friend, and the “studying” that would happen as a result. That needs to be tweaked a little as college dissertations are a completely different ball game. For the majority of students, a dissertation is the proof of their time and effort spent persevering and is the crown jewel of their academic achievements. With that perspective in mind, working hand in hand with someone else needs to be taken as an opportunity to improve and reap the fruits.

Don’t think of it as work, but avoid slacking off

While you may think that keeping a professional attitude towards your dissertation would be better, it mostly depends on your perspective. Having the idea that a dissertation is a responsibility might help you be more punctual and possibly complete your dissertation on time. Still, it wouldn’t let you consider the task as a personal endeavour.

Your dissertation is the result of your hard work, sleepless nights, and mental expense. In a way, working on your dissertation is kind of like rearing a garden. Considering your responsibility to water the plants, and adding fertilizer correctly is required, but there also needs to be an inner emotion which compels you to follow through completely. Instead of robotically working hard with an outcome in your head, your input needs to be human.

Thinking of work as work would simply lead to your fuse burning out prematurely, and it doesn’t take long for that person to start considering quitting. A much better alternative is to be passionate about completing your dissertation, and who knows, you might just write another one!

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