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5 Tips on How to Start Your Dissertation

You are sitting at your desk, with your laptop in front, playing a round of Solitaire. You look around and see stacks of books and notes all over your desk, and pens, pencils and other writing instruments are strewn about. You glance at the clock, and it shows its way past midnight. There is an unsettling silence in the room, but your mind is drumming like a radio locked on static. You decide to get up and go to bed, only to realize that the same thing has been happening for the last two weeks in a row. As soon as your head lands on your pillow, the thoughts of a completed dissertation rush through your head, as you sail off to the next day.  

If the above scene is all the more reminiscent to you, you probably are having a full-blown crisis with your creative abilities right now. You might be ready to launch an attack on your creative sectors, but your inspiration and imaginations have set up an impenetrable line of defence against you in this conflict. With this in mind, there is nothing you can do but wait for the blockade to be called off, and your artistic capabilities to reunite with your conscience.

Apologies for the vivid imagery, but there really is no other way to imagine a creative block. Being on the same side of the coin with your creativity is what every student desires, but the issues of stress, anxiety, and possibly depression cause this alliance to flip relatively quickly. This is something no student wishes to suffer from, although many would report its occurrence at some part of their academic careers. Unfortunately, writing a dissertation is also one of those parts, and while that issue can be resolved by getting in touch with some Cheap Dissertation Writing Services, jumping the shark may or may not be beneficial for you. As this is a psychological problem, you need to put some effort into solving it, lest it comes back with a vengeance.

If you take a look below, you will find a few tips you can use to start writing your dissertation. Although it may be challenging in the beginning, you need to make sure to follow through.

Make a proper schedule

If you think that staying up late and writing your dissertation is a good idea, then you need to reassess your way of thinking. Although the brightest of thoughts might come just before the crack of dawn, the reality is that working in this pattern begins to take a toll on your physical and mental health. A better idea is to schedule your day so that when you are working, you are well-rested. Your brain isn’t exactly a machine that can be run for hours on end, and it needs rest to recover and relax.

On the other hand, starting any dissertation would require you to dedicate a portion of your daily time to the task. While the time you choose depends entirely on your routine, it needs to be followed strictly, for the first few days. Afterwards, you might notice that sticking to this schedule might become manageable, and that is the start of routine, taking charge. This is the initial step in priming your writing efforts.

Look for inspiration

If you read books and articles, then great. Otherwise, you would find it really difficult to get your mental gears turning if you do not lubricate them with new information. Now, this doesn’t mean you can hit the bookstore and grab all the books you can find, but instead looking for online resources first, and only then resorting to physical literature. Let’s say you are writing a dissertation on a topic, and have no idea where to begin. You can take the subject of your dissertation, and try to find keywords based on its words. Google these keywords, and then look for articles that explain the concept in detail.

Once you have fully read through and understood the article, the next step is to figure out how you are going to write it down. In this case, trying to brainstorm is the best solution. From all the information you have just read, try to extract lines which seemed interesting to you. Get a pen and notepad and write down everything you liked in no particular order. Once complete, take these sentences and words and try to centre your argument on them.

Follow a thorough research process

Dissertations are academic documents which need to be grounded on research for them to be credible. To enable your article to hold up to academic scrutiny, there needs to be proper research work done on your part. Research can be a tricky process, particularly if the topic you are going to pick is quite limited. In this situation, the internet is your best friend. If you look around online, it isn’t hard to find blogs and forums where people discuss academics and try to help each other out. If you are running out of resources, do check these pages out.

Alternatively, you can rely on yourself and start by collecting all the literature and resources you are going to need. You can then sort them by usefulness, and start extracting information out gradually. In case of any doubts, again, there is no harm in searching for help online. If you need any assistance, asking your professor isn’t a bad option, as it lets them know of your approach. They would be willing to lend their assistance as long as it’s within boundaries.

Don’t multitask

Perhaps the worst thing you can do when starting your dissertation is trying to juggle multiple things at the same time. While it’s completely understandable that you might have different responsibilities at the same time, humans are only ever good at working one task at a time. Therefore, if you are going to write your dissertation, there better be nothing on your schedule or mind while you are writing. There is an innate ability of the human mind to simulate things that are going to take place in the future, to prepare itself in anticipation. This feeling needs to be controlled and diverted to your dissertation so that your work is completed on time. 

Take breaks

If you’ve been writing your dissertation for the last three hours, it would be great if you took a short break. Dissertations are some of the most respected documents out there, and endlessly chipping away at the page will undoubtedly yield a whole lot of nothing. To make your efforts count, you need to think of your mind as a pencil which needs to be sharpened. Every once in a while, the point will surely get duller and duller. Therefore, you need to sharpen it using rest and relaxation techniques.

Attending to your hobbies is a great way to revitalize yourself. Whenever you feel like a wick about to go out, take a breather and go do something you know your mind is going to enjoy. Go for a walk, watch a movie, DM, your friend for a chat. The choices are endless, and you need to think of this as an important part of working for it to be successful.  

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