10 Tips to Write Genuine Essay by Reducing Plagiarism.

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10 Tips to Write Genuine Essay by Reducing Plagiarism.

When doing an assignment or writing an essay there are 100% chances that you need to search for the topic from multiple resources. Incorporating ideas on to the paper is one of the challenging tasks especially when taking help from the internet for it increases the chance of getting the words or sentences to be copied. This copying of information from other sources or work into one’s own work is called plagiarism. Copying other’s content is one of the heinous crimes either you do it intentionally or unintentionally. If you are also writing your essay and having the fair of getting plagiarism in your work. So don’t worry, MBA Dissertation Help UK is here to help you!

Plagiarism in the content can turn your good paper into failure one, for no one wants this to happen after great hard work. But there are a number of methods by which you can avoid this problem occurring in your essay and can complete your assignments without any fear. Essay Writing Services UK has gathered some useful information and has broken down the tips regarding how to avoid plagiarism while writing your papers.


The first main tip for avoiding plagiarism from the content is to paraphrase. Paraphrasing is a kind of tool that helps your essay paper to be free from any kind of copied material. The term paraphrasing means to rewrite the material in one’s own words that do not copy the text from word to word. What you have to do is to read the entire passage, understand its meaning, and then write it down in your own wordings. This would create a passage that would be unique in terms of words. Here we have quoted down an example for your better understanding. For example:

[Original sentence] Enid Blyton is a famous writer especially among the children

[Paraphrased sentence] Enid Blyton is very well known by children for his stories.

The above example shows the paraphrasing of a single sentence. A similar method can be applied to paraphrasing the entire passage. Another method used for paraphrasing is to change the tenses, or change structure of sentence like an active voice into passive voice or direct speech into indirect speech and vice versa. These tricks will help you in avoiding copied text from your work and will save all your hard work.   

  • Quotation Marks for Quotes

In the scenario, if there are any quotations in your work than plagiarism would occur. The quotes are those lines that have been said by someone and are used as it is due to which the plagiarism tool checker detects the copied content and highlights it. To avoid plagiarism in this scenario, you should add quotation marks before and after the quotes. Similarly, use quotation marks for any special terminology or some scientific words that cannot be changed. As the plagiarism checking tool does not detect plagiarism in those words or lines that are enclosed in the quotation mark.

  • Referencing

Citing the content taken from any source on the internet either it is a book, or any website or a blog or article, you necessarily have to add a reference at the end of the paper. You cannot use some one’s work either it is in hard copy or soft copy, you are obliged to cite that work in your paper or add an in-text citation as per your requirement. By doing proper referencing, you can easily complete your essay without any fear of plagiarism detection your assignment. Another tip regarding it is to add a reference page at the very end of the paper, but remember to add it side by side for if you do this step in the very end there is a great chance of missing out on some important source that needs to be cited.

  • Proof Reading

Another most important tip to avoid your essay from getting plagiarized is to proofread your written work. This means that when you are done with your writing you can go through your written essay with the original document. This will help you in checking that none of the word or sentence is copied mistakenly. Now it is up to you either proofread at the end that is after finishing your entire document or proofread with the original one after writing a paragraph. This paragraph proofreading is highly recommended method by Essay Writing Services UK that will save you from plagiarized content in your paper.

  • Generate Comparison File

Generating a comparison file between the original content and the paraphrased one helps in detecting plagiarized work by yourself. Now, what does this mean? How do you do this? The answer is very simple. You must have heard about creating a comparison file in the MS Word software, you can use this software as your plagiarism detector tool. All you have to do is to open MS word, create up ‘new file’, go-to toolbar, and click ‘Review’ and then click ‘compare’. On clicking, compare add up the original file and the paraphrased one. In the comparison file, you will see that all the lines will be cut down in the original file and the paraphrased file will be the same. This means that there is no copied content in your paraphrased file. In case if any content in the original file is not cut down this shows plagiarism in your essay which needs to be removed by you.

  • Use Plagiarism Checker Tool

Another method to avoid plagiarism is to use a plagiarism checker tool. There are a number of online websites that allow you to check plagiarism in your work. But the most famous is the “Turnitin” and “Grammarly” that help you by generating an authentic report of plagiarism. You can run your files on these soft wares and improve your work by corrections.

  • Start your Work Early

One should start his/her essay work early before the deadline for it helps in gearing information by doing research. Research helps in building one individual understanding of the topic and avoids plagiarism for a person can write on its own using his understanding.

  • Get Help From Your Teacher

You can further get help from your teacher by asking questions, for this will help you in clearing your mind from confusion. And you won’t copy-paste the work directly instead you would use your understanding. This will definitely help in avoiding plagiarism from your work.

  • Add value

Add value to your content. This means that you should not only paraphrase the information taken from any source. Add your own opinion or do critical analysis this would make your essay paper a valuable one and unique in thoughts. And is also one of the best ways to avoid plagiarism from your content.


Last but not the least, writing a summary of the entire document or paragraph wise will help you in avoiding plagiarism form your essay content. So simply read the passage take out important points in your words and summarize it on too a few sentences. These were the ten tips as mentioned above for you on how to avoid plagiarism in your work. So what are you waiting for, complete your tasks successfully right away by applying the techniques, for your success is knocking on the door?

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