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10 Factors to Consider Before You Hire a Dissertation Writer

Endless hours of working, tiring and exhausting amount of research and daunting process of finding literature, what are you trying to do? Well, I know it is your dissertation. It is the most significant paper you have ever written and your degree depends on the quality of the content you produce. Even it’s not an exaggeration to say that your entire future depends upon the work you produce in these few pages. The long distance you travel towards the completion of your paper is full of hawthorn bushes and imagine yourself bare foot. Isn’t it too much to ask from a student? Yes, it can be if you have a job going parallel with your studies.

But you don’t need to be nervous. Wherever, there is a demand, there is a supply as well. That is the basic rule of economy. You need your dissertation and there are numerous people offering their services to work for you. You only need to contact them online and get help from them. Since a lot of students nowadays seek assistance for their dissertations, the growing number of writers also has become overwhelming. A number of services are currently working in every country and all of them claim to be the best. Especially, for Dissertation Writers UK based freelancers, the number has grown to a large extent. In these circumstances, it has become imperative that you choose the right person for your dissertation to be written. Otherwise a number of fraudulent and cheat elements are in the market who might jeopardize your entire future for a few dollars. Therefore, look for these factors before you hire a writer for yourself to make sure that you have chosen the right person.

Academic Qualification:

The most important thing to look for in a writer before hiring them is their academic qualification. Of course, you don’t want an A-levels student to write your master’s degree paper. You must know about their field of study as well. It is beneficial that your writer is a PhD degree holder from a reputed college or university. A PhD degree holder is considered a scholar with an adequate command on the subject. Be careful while verifying the degree of your dissertation or you are going to regret it later.


             “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”


                Experience is one of the most essential quality one can have. What experience can teach can never be taught otherwise. As Immanuel Kant said:

“A theory without experience is blind.”

The more your writer is experienced, the better he knows about how to do the work efficiently. Go for the writers who have been assisting students for a few years at least. Hiring a new writer will only lower your grades as they won’t be able to provide you with the quality needed to impress the examiner. Experienced writers can handle your dissertation well and you will get good results.


There are a number of writers in the market who can offer you their services in very cheap rates. It is obviously up to you what kind of rates you can afford. But having the notion that good writers always charge high is not exactly right. There are a number of good writers who deliver good quality work with impeccable standards in quite reasonable prices. Therefore, there is no point in hiring the writers who charge more than others. But if you don’t care about money, the choice is up to you.


Always check for the reputation of your writer in the market before hiring. Ask other people if they have worked with them or got their stuff done before. Check out if they are good with their follow up and go according to the given instruction. Take your time and research what kind of work they have produced for others before. Read the reviews other people have posted about them.

One important thing when you hire a writing service is that you don’t rely on the reviews posted on their own website. Some of the services produce fake testimonials and post them themselves on the site. Look up for independent platforms and check what people have to say about them.

Plagiarism Free Content:

One of the most important aspect of your dissertation is its authenticity. A plagiarized paper can lead to severe consequences including the rejection of your degree or even suing in the court by the original publisher sometimes. This is a sensitive matter. Therefore, always check if the writer provides purely original material or not. Hire those writers who provide the authenticity and guarantee of entirely plagiarized free content. Ask them if they are going to scan your dissertation through genuine plagiarism detecting software.

Knowledge about all kinds of Citation Formats:

Citation is the key of a good dissertation. It not only provides you with a system to refer to other authors but also strengthens your arguments by mentioning the masters of the subject in your favor. There are a number of citation styles that are currently being used worldwide. The most notorious ones are APA, MLA, Chicago, Oxford and Vancouver systems. While selecting the writer for your dissertation help, make sure that the writer is familiar with all kinds of formats. Your subjects or department might follow any particular style for referencing. Get all the knowledge from your instructor about what format is required and choose the writer who is good with citations.

Command over the Language:

Your writing style in the dissertation is the key to strengthen your arguments and impress the examiner. A good story when told by a skilled storyteller becomes excellent. So is a good research paper. The choice of words in your dissertation determines the quality of your argument. Mere logic is not able to convince the reader of your position. Sentence structure and grammar is important. Grammatical mistakes can ruin your whole dissertation despite having good content. Therefore, it’s imperative that you choose the writer who has a command over language.

It doesn’t mean that all the native speakers can write well and those studied English as their second language cannot do well. Every discipline has its own jargons and terminologies. The understanding of that jargons is key. A writer who is not familiar with the jargons of philosophy can never produce a good paper in the discipline, no matter how well he is in the ordinary language. Same is the case with other disciplines like science, law, business or psychology.


It might be possible that you are delivered the paper but you are not satisfied with the quality of a few paragraphs or the entire dissertation. In this case, the opportunity to get your work revised is significant. Therefore, you need to make sure that the writer is going to revise your work after the delivery. Otherwise you will end up wasting your money, time and degree as well.

Taking precautions is important. And when it comes to academics, it becomes more serious. Verifying the quality and knowledge of your writer with his/her expertise on the subject is extremely paramount. Otherwise the pinnacle of your academic life might get ruined because of a fraud or mediocre writer and you will be helpless at the end.

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