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10 Easy Ways to Choose a Mind-Blowing Dissertation Topic

Choosing a topic for your dissertation can put yourself into a real misery. It is a process that can drain your mind and exhaust you to a degree that you start feeling helpless. This helplessness can further lead you to demotivation. Often times, students are seen caught in this miserable activity. They have a lot of ideas but don’t really know what the appropriate one among them is.

In the midst of this confusion, the situation becomes overwhelming. Your topic is the heart of your dissertation. It tells the reader exactly the center point of all your research and argument. It grabs the attention of its readers and makes them curious about what you have found by conducting this study. Not choosing the right topic is going to make you lose a number of potential readers by not letting them know the exact point of your paper in a well-constructed topic. You can always seek help from experts all around the world on internet or discuss your ideas with your instructor. Especially if you are writing your dissertation in English Dissertation Help can be found easily by looking up on internet, as English is the most spoken language across the globe.

Even the ripe fruit doesn’t fall down in your lap itself, often. Then how could you expect your dissertation topic to occur to you easily. It seems overpowering, but with a little help, you can choose an interesting topic for your next dissertation. Here are 10 ways you can choose for yourself a mind boggling topic.

Identify your field of Interest:

A great advantage you get while writing a dissertation is that you are always given a choice to choose topic yourself unlike a college assignment. This is a freedom you can enjoy with great effect. In a college essay, your instructor gives you a topic and you have to write on it regardless of your own interest. But here the burden of choice is upon your shoulders. While this burden exhausts you in the beginning as you feel confused in choosing the topic, it can actually help you create a paper of standard quality by selecting to write on something you are obsessed with yourself.

Begin by locating your field of interest. Consult with the journals and publication related to that area of study and discuss with your instructor. Look at the themes present within the subject. It is necessary that you are personally enthusiastic about your field. Otherwise it might become tiring in the middle of the work.

Narrow down the Themes:

Once you go through all the themes present within your area of interest, mark the themes that can make the potential topics for your dissertation. Note down these topics in your notebook and separately evaluate each one of them. Look at the plausibility of your topics and discuss them with your supervisor to get the expert advice. Remember, your supervisor’s advice matters a lot as he is the one who is going to evaluate your work and guide you on every step towards your destiny.

Uniqueness of the Topic:

Most of the students want their topics to be unique. This is an idea that leads them to more confusion about the selection of the topic. It is definitely a good thought if you want to contribute something purely original to the realm of human knowledge. But remember, this contribution comes in the end, not in the beginning.

Your idea should be compelling and genuine but it does not necessarily need to be entirely new. If you think you must choose a topic that nobody has ever chosen before. Or you have to discover something new, it is only going to be more troubling for you. Your contribution to the field of knowledge comes in at the end. No PhD or masters student has ever discovered something new for the world. You have a lot of time for other research paper in the future. So your paper doesn’t need to be entirely new but a good one for sure.

Ease of Research:

While choosing a research topic, it is essential that you select a topic that is easier to research. So that you can find enough resources and authenticate your research question aptly. On the other hand, it must not be that simple that there is no room left for further research. The scope for your topic must be wide and there should be enough problems that need to be addressed. Otherwise your research paper will only become a compilation of the facts that have already been stated by others.

Don’t venture into an unfamiliar territory:

It can be an alluring thought to go deep down into an unfamiliar subject and speculate about its different aspects. But when choosing a topic for your dissertation, don’t let your overconfidence drive you towards an unfamiliar theme. Take actions wisely or otherwise you will fail to grasp even the basic ideas of your topic, leave your dissertation aside. Always select a topic you are well versed with.

Explore yourself:

             “True insight comes from within.”

 Jostein Gaarder.

When you are exhausted by the external findings, look inside yourself and you will come up with an idea you could never get from the outer world. Because the best solution of the most daunting processes is hidden within yourself and the insight you get from your soul can never be provided by external sources. Therefore, it’s imperative that you ask yourself what you actually want and eventually you will come up with a great idea.

Never choose an Outdated Topic:

Your topic must not be the one that has been discussed for decades and has no scope in current times. Instead, you can choose a genuine topic that is related to the present world. Or you can choose an old topic and present it in an entirely new way with your own perspective. Selecting outdated topics will restrict you from doing any new research and there will be no room for innovation. Also your teacher will think that you have not put much effort and you will end up degrading your image as a non-serious student.

Choose what you can manage:

While searching for a genuine and interesting topic, some students select the one that is entirely impossible to achieve within the deadline. Before finalizing the topic, carry out a research about your topic and see what is required to complete this. See into it if the whole project will be manageable or not. Otherwise you will wind up working day and night and still getting short of time.

Consider your Career Goals:

Your career hugely depends on the dissertation you are going to produce. It is recommended that your topic is related to what your career goals are. Choosing a topic different from what you are going to specialize in, is devastating. This dissertation can foster your career if the topic you selected is relevant.

Discuss with your manager:

Your manager or supervisor is the key man in the selection of your topic. Discuss the ideas that are in your head with him. His advice is worth a thousand searches on Google. Your supervisor will give you the ideas related to what you have done in the past. He will surely know about the scope of your topic more than you and the resources better than you. Therefore, the advice from your supervisor is essential.

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